Saturday, February 26, 2005

The New Crisis E-Letter Is Out

And it's mostly about Terri, with some remarks by yours truly, such as this regarding the lack of leadership coming from the Bishop of St. Petersburg, Robert Lynch:
"To put it bluntly," Fr. Johansen told me, "Bishop Lynch has been invisible on this matter for the last couple years.

Brian Saint-Paul, the editor of Crisis, also pays me the compliment of calling my Janaury 2004 Crisis article "Killing Terri Schiavo" "the single best overview of the debate" he's seen.

I also offer some thoughts as to what we can do in this situation to help, such as:

"Pray, not just for Terri but for Michael Schiavo and his lawyer, George Felos. After all, people's hearts can be turned."

Since the ruling comes down [yesterday] -- a Friday in Lent -- Catholics have a special opportunity to offer up a sacrifice. Don't underestimate the power of this season."

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