Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm In Florida

Well, I arrived in Florida OK Thursday night. I spent Thursday night with my Mom, then went down to Tampa.

Sorry not have put up anything 'til now, but my laptop chose yesterday morning, of all times, to have a meltdown on me. So I've been incommunicado (at least on the web) since then.

I'll try to get some posts up over the next few days, but not having the laptop is a major hindrance.

By now I'm sure you've all heard about the three-week "stay" on the removal of Terri's feeding tube. The good news about this, of course, is that Terri has a three week reprieve, and the Schindlers have more time to pursue other options, while Terri is safe for the present.

The bad news is that Judge Greer seems more determined than ever to put the mechanism of death into motion. Mary Schindler told me of Judge Greer's remarks: "He said there would be no more stays, no more motions, no more delays."

"No more stays" or "delays", Judge Greer? We'll see about that.