Friday, February 10, 2006

Peace, Religion Of.

You know, Islam, The Religion of PeaceTM and Universal Brotherhood?

The religion whose adherents (at least a disturbing number of them) do things like riot, burn, and promise death to the West over cartoons.

The religion which prompts its adherents to do things like murder a Catholic priest in cold blood by shooting him from behind, while shouting "Allahu Akbar". Apparently this priest deserved to die simply because he was an infidel. He didn't draw, publish, or even speak approvingly of one of those "offensive" cartoons.

By the way, "Allahu Akbar" is the Muslim equivalent of an American Southern Baptist exclaiming "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!" Except when Southern Baptists shout such things, they don't leave burnt buildings and corpses in their wake.

Oh, and the aforementioned murder took place in Turkey, which, we are told, is a "moderate" Muslim country. Well, I'm glad to hear that. I guess that means that Fr. Santoro is only moderately dead.

Well, the adherents of The Religion of PeaceTM want you to know that, as far as they are concerned:

That includes your freedom as a Catholic to attend Mass.

You see, some adherents of The Religion of PeaceTM in Scotland decided that it wasn't enough for their children to be excused from attending Mass at the Catholic school their children attend. No, they decided it was incumbent upon them to disrupt Mass at the school by way of protest. (Hat Tip: Relapsed Catholic)

They're protesting because they want the school to become Muslim. Except that its a Catholic school. Go figure. Apparently they can't be troubled to create their own institutions, they want to hijack and destroy those created by others. I suppose that's to be expected, as Islamic culture seems to specialize not in creating things of its own, but in blowing up those of others.

In case you think this sort of thing is an isolated incident, I invite you to do a search of Google News for "church", "bomb", and "Iraq". Or check out this story on a church being attacked in Beirut.

Oh, and the adherents of the The Religion of PeaceTM also misrepresented the school's policy, falsely claiming that Muslim students "were forced to attend Mass and those who did not had to stand facing a wall."

Well, hey, what's the truth when you have Allah on your side?

So, the question for the West is "When are we going to wake up to the reality of the Islamomenace?"

It's not like we've been warned or anything...

Yesterday Was One of Those Days...

A bright, beautiful, clear winter day. It's the kind of day, for those of us up here in the North country, that reminds us of how Winter can really be a beautiful season.

So here is a picture of my church, St. Stanislaus, on a similar beautiful Winter day:

This is the view down the little country road that leads to my church:

On a day like this, even the bite of the cold air on your nose and ears is a good thing.