Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Why Is Mary Crying?

Probably because ignoramuses like Jack Chick and those who hand out his tracts so ridiculously misrepresent what the Church her Son founded actually teaches about her.

Just a couple of examples of the errors in this tract: Firstly, the confusion of an offering to cleanse one of ritual impurity (Leviticus 12:6-8) with an offering to atone for personal sin. Also, the misunderstanding of the phrase "Mother of God", the doctrine concerning which, is, in actuality, about safeguarding the doctrine of the divinity and humanity of Christ.

And let's not even get into all of the well-trodden nonsense linking Mary with Semiramis...

To paraphrase Archbishop Sheen, there aren't 1 in a 100 people who actually hate the Catholic Church, but hate the slanders and distortions circulated about her by the ignorant and dishonest.

Evangelical Catholicism

Fr. Jay Scott Newman is the pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville, South Carolina. He's a convert from the Episcopal church, in the line of John Henry Newman and Ronald Knox. He's also a passionate advocate of "Evangelical Catholicism", about which he says:
Responding to our Holy Father's call to the New Evangelization means that we must become Evangelical Catholics. By our Baptism, we are called to be men and women of the Gospel who are Christian disciples by conviction rather than Church members by convention. Being Evangelical Catholics requires that we know the Gospel, believe the Gospel, live the Gospel, and share the Gospel with others. Becoming Evangelical Catholics is a lifelong adventure of letting go of cafeteria, casual, and cultural Catholicism by accepting the liberating truth of the Word of God and living by grace through faith in the Son of God.

Fr. Newman (great name to have...) has outlined Seven Principles of Evangelical Catholicism, such as number four:
Through Word and Sacrament we are drawn by grace into a transforming union with the Lord Jesus, and having been justified by faith we are called to sanctification and equipped by the Holy Spirit for the good works of the new creation. We must, therefore, learn to live as faithful disciples and to reject whatever is contrary to the Gospel, which is the Good News of the Father's mercy and love revealed in the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Newman has some great ideas, a great parish, and a great website. While I've never met him, I'm sure he's the kind of priest I'd love to meet.

Thanks to Pontifications for the link!