Monday, July 15, 2002

Fr. Rob's Excellent East Coast Adventure

OK, so I didn't get back to blogging on Zero Tolerance and the Stockholm Syndrome the next day... It's been more like 2 weeks. And "nonexistent" would be a better word to describe my blogging than "sporadic". But I'm on vacation, and besides the fact that I haven't had much internet access in my travels, I've been too busy having fun and spending time with friends to do any blogging. The last few days have been spent at a friend's fishing shack on the Shenandoah River, where there's no phone, no internet, no computer, no nothing. I have been visiting friends in Virginia (most recently at Christendom College) and drank good beer and red wine with them. I also spent a few days in Philadelphia visiting friends there from my St. Charles days, and enjoyed good beer there as well. I'm proceeding to Washington, DC for the next few days, where I intend to drink more good beer. If you perceive a thread running through my trip, you have perceived correctly.

I celebrated Mass for the feast of St. Bonaventure today at the fishing shack, and did so "al fresco": My friend (a priest) has a makeshift altar one can set up on the little porch, overlooking the river. It was idyllic. I flatter myself that St. Bonaventure, who wrote beautifully and exhaustively on the marvels of creation, would have approved of the setting for my celebration of the Mass for his feast.

I return to my parish on Friday. I'll try to blog some more between now and then, but I'm not making any promises...