Friday, December 22, 2006

Rejoice! The Lord Is Near!

I'm finally putting up the pictures of the 11:00 Mass for Gaudete Sunday. Sorry for the delay, but I am a little busy this week...

Here's a picture of the sanctuary at St. Stanislaus, to give you the layout:

And here I am chanting the collect:

Note the rose vestments. Now, I know some of you will say that my vestments are too pink to be a true rose color. And that may be the case. But they are beautiful, and I'm secure enough in my masculinity that I will wear them with impunity.

Here I am again, on my way over to proclaim the Gospel.

My homily was about the joy of expectation we are invited into while we await the coming of the Savior. Among other things, I chanted the first line of the Introit (solo) to illustrate the spirit of joy expressed in the liturgy.

"Per Ipsum, cum ipso, et in ipso..."

As mentioned in my previous post, at this Mass I used the Roman Canon in Latin. How did that go over, seeing that such a thing hasn't been done at St. Stanislaus in decades? Well, firstly, there were no complaints, and many positive reactions. But even more telling is this: Our music director had prepared a worship leaflet that contained the Latin text and facing translation of the Canon. I observed at several points that people were, in fact, following the text, and I noted the rustling of pages of the program periodically, as people followed along in their programs. So the people followed and prayed along with active interest. I think we might call that "participatio actuosa", mightn't we?

All told, the liturgy was glorious! Many parishioners complimented the schola on the beauty of their singing. And I think our own parish choir (who were in attendance) was edified and heartened, to see and hear a group of ordinary guys (and that's who the Schola are - none of them are professional musicians) sing chant with such skill and devotion.

The Schola of the Chair of St. Peter and Yours Truly

Deo gratias!