Thursday, October 03, 2002

Some Clarifications

As regular readers of my blog are aware, I have criticized some of the content of Michael Rose’s book, Goodbye, Good Men, and also questioned the accuracy of some of its contents. In compliance with Mr. Rose's request, via counsel, and in the interest of laying the controversy to rest, I’d like to make the following clarifications.

In June of this year I sent two e-mails to several individuals. The first e-mail was an announcement that Michael Rose was scheduled to appear on Raymond Arroyo’s show, “The World Over”, on EWTN. My source for that information was a friend, another priest. Several days later I sent another e-mail to the same people as the first, in which I informed them that Michael Rose’s appearance on the Raymond Arroyo Show was cancelled “precisely because of the ‘controversy’ regarding Rose’s veracity.” I also stated that Michael Rose was being sued for libel by two priests. Each of these statements require clarification. First, the statement that “two priests mentioned by name in Rose’s book are suing him for libel”, was furnished to me second hand, by the same source mentioned above. I am not personally aware of the existence of any such suits. Second, is the statement regarding Michael Rose’s appearance on the Raymond Arroyo Show. In fact, the only information I received with respect to this issue was an e-mail from the same friend mentioned above forwarding me an e-mail message from Raymond Arroyo that stated: “We are NOT having Rose on at present, based on the controversy.”

My friends, I also want to take this opportunity to tell you that I am taking a blog vacation for a short time to attend to my pastoral responsibilities and to work on a manuscript for a Catholic magazine. I will return when time and energy permit me.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Something New

If you'll look over to the right, you'll see I've added a new section: "The Best of My Blog."

These are things I've posted which I think were especially significant or about which I have received more than a few compliments.

I'm trying to make some other changes to my page, but the archive function on Blogger is messed up (again).