Friday, April 25, 2003

Like a Phoenix...

...My blog arises again! In this season of resurrection, it seemed a fitting time for me to "resurrect" my blog! I am glad to be back, after my Lenten penance.

I won't bother re-stating here what I intend to do in my blog: My purposes remain the same. If you are new to my blog or you want to re-acquaint yourself with my outlook and aims, you can read here or here. I hope that I'm a little wiser now that I've observed a pentiential silence of sorts.

And, just so it's clear, that silence was largely self-imposed: While Bishop Murray had asked me to stop blogging back in February, we met a couple of weeks after that and quickly resolved the issues which had concerned him. He made it quite clear that he was very supportive of my writing, and that he wanted me to continue. He appreciates and supports these purposes of my blog: to defend the Catholic Faith boldly, to defend the truth, and to point out and refute error. His main concern, which I admit that I have sometimes honored more in the breach than the observance, is that I always do so with prudence and charity. And so our meeting concluded cordially, and he gave me leave to return to my blog. But I decided that it would be best if I observed a penance and didn't return until Holy Week or Easter.

Another Clarification

When I posted the announcement that Bishop Murray asked me to stop blogging, many people read into that request some sort of "agenda" on his part to silence support for the "Old" Mass or some sort of hostility on his part to Tradition or traditionalists. I can assure you that that is simply not the case. Bishop Murray is very concerned that liturgy in our diocese be conducted with reverence and respect for liturgical law, and has issued instructions to that effect more than once. Furthermore, about two years ago he granted permission for the Mass of Pius V according to the Ecclesia Dei indult. For a time we had a regular Tridentine Mass here in the diocese. The only reason we don't have it now is that we have no priests here presently who both know the Old Mass and are willing to celebrate it. It's my hope that this deficiency will be remedied soon.

But some of the comments directed at Bishop Murray were, to be blunt, nothing short of scurrilous. I am always amazed at the conclusions that people are willing to draw from scanty evidence, or the entire lack of it. I hope that those who were quick to condemn Bishop Murray will be equally ready to give him their support and prayers. I for one look at the episcopacy as a "combat pay" job: no matter what you do, you will be shot at from all sides. Our shepherds deserve respect for their office, even if we disagree with their decisions. And they, like all people, deserve to be treated with charity.