Monday, April 30, 2007

Rumors of My Impending Death...
...have been greatly exaggerated.

I'm not sure where this came from, but the story over on Mark Shea's blog is untrue. Not that I'm in any way upset with Mark. I just spoke with him on the phone a few minutes ago, and I know he was acting in good faith.

I'm not near death, I didn't have a heart attack. In fact, I'm fine. Rumors of my death might reflect wishful thinking on the part of some, but, oh well, it seems I'm going to be around for a while yet.

One good thing, I suppose about this is that I'm finding out who my friends are. I've had many phone calls of concern in the last half-hour or so, and it's nice to see all the promises of prayer. Thanks to all of you!

I suppose my failure to post for so long has probably contributed to this. In the post on Mark's blog the source of this rumor refers to my blog as "long abandoned." Perhaps that's an indication of the ephemerality of the internet, but I don't think of this January as that "long" ago.

I stopped blogging because I got too busy, then we were into Lent and it seemed not be a good time to start blogging again, and then came the busyness of Easter, etc. I have been planning on blogging again for the last couple of weeks, but I was waiting until I finished a computer upgrade (now complete) and could update the template of my blog.

I will start blogging again soon. Thanks for your readership and concern!