Monday, July 01, 2002

Gettin' Outta town...

I've been remiss in blogging in the last few days, but it was a busy weekend. I spent Sunday afternoon and evening with some parishioners: I took them and their kids out to a nearby park to launch some of my model rockets (one of my geeky yet cool hobbies), which the kids got a big kick out of. We then enjoyed a cookout and a relaxing evening.

One reader chided me for not blogging, demanding that I "get back to work". Well, my "work" (if you can call it that: it doesn't feel like work) is being a priest. And that keeps me quite busy, thank you. I enjoy writing, on the blog and elsewhere, but sometimes I just have go out and launch rockets and drink beer.

I am beginning my vacation this afternoon. I'll be spending a few days up at my dad's in Wisconsin, then I'm off East to visit friends in Phildelphia and Virginia. My blogging will be somewhat sporadic for the next couple of weeks.

However, despair not, if you are waiting for more of my fevered rantings. I have been storing up more thoughts on Zero Tolerance, removing priests, and the Stockholm Syndrome. I will unburden myself of these either later tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm also working up for what I hope will be my Definitive Word on The Situation, Seminaries, Homosexuals and Michael Rose. You can look forward (with either anticipation or apprehension) to that later in the week.