Sunday, November 07, 2004

St. Pete Times Cries a River For Michael Schiavo

Laments the "unjustifiable delay" in killing Terri.

In an editorial today, the St. Petersburg Times called the courts an "obstructionist force", since they have held back, this time, from handing Michael Schiavo the power to end his wife's life.

Liberals are funny: when judges legislate from the bench, they are "progressive" and "forward-thinking". When the courts don't give liberals what they want, they are "obstructionist". Watch now for a flurry of excoriation directed at Judge Greer from his former fan club in the MSM, since he has dared to slow the legal machinery of death.

I also predict that, if George Felos does drop out, there will be a great hue and cry for some attorney to come forward and take up the case. A source in St. Petersburg tells me that the real voice behind this editorial is none other than Felos himself. Given the similarity in some of the phraseology between his recent statements and this editorial, I wouldn't be surprised: it reads as if it could be a Felos press release.

Oh, and just a reminder: when you read the papers or hear ill-informed people speak of allowing Terri Schiavo "the peaceful end" awaiting her when her feeding tube is removed, remember the reality of that "peaceful" end.