Sunday, February 09, 2003

Where Am I?

Several people have e-mailed me wondering where I've been since my re-introductory posts of last week.

Well, I'm on vacation! Not a blog vacation, a real one.

Right now I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska which, I reluctantly admit, has an almost equally valid claim as my own diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan to the title "The Rome of The West."

It's not perversity which brings me to Lincoln in February: I'm here visiting my good friend John Pepino, who is on the faculty of the FSSP seminary here, Our Lady of Guadalupe. John teaches Latin, Greek, and Patristics, and very well, I might add.

I'm enjoying the hospitality of the seminary community, who have been excellent and gracious hosts.

I'm on my way to Florida shortly, to pay my Mom a visit.

I promise I'll blog more in the next day or so...