Monday, February 21, 2005

Bob Schindler: "There Is NO Stay"

I've been on the phone most of the evening with Bob & Mary Schindler and Msgr. Ted Malanowski, regarding Terri's situation and their strategy in light of Michael's announced intention to remove Terri's feeding tube tomorrow afternoon. As the linked story relates, upon learning that the Florida Second DCA would not delay issuing it's mandate tomorrrow, George Felos, the attorney for Michael Schiavo, informed the Schindlers that Michael was going to make good on his intention to begin starving Terri. It seems that no sooner than I asked the question "What will Michael Do?" that Michael, in effect, answered saying "I'm going to start killing Terri at the earliest possible moment."

So I was surprised to see a follow-up story at BlogsForTerri and Hyscience claiming that Judge Greer had issued a stay barring Michael's removal of the feeding tube until Wednesday's hearing "is held to determine if the stay in effect from Greer’s 2000 death order should remain in place."

I've spoken to Bob again, and he assures me that NO such stay has been issued. These reports are apparently based on a story in The Empire Journal. Bob told me that after their attorney, David Gibbs, filed his emergency motion against the removal of the feeding tube, a reporter mentioned something to Mr. Gibbs about Judge Greer "issuing a stay." Mr. Gibbs immediately went to Judge Greer's chambers to find out what was going on, and was told that Judge Greer had not and would not issue a stay, and, furthermore, that the Judge "refused to make any ruling until Wednesday's hearing."

I have e-mailed the people at BlogsForTerri, Hyscience, and Empire Journal to apprise them of the true situation.

So, Terri's life is still hanging in the balance, and at this point, barring something stopping him, Michael will follow through on his murderous intent tomorrow afternoon.