Monday, March 21, 2005

Haunting Audio of Terri's Voice

Matt Drudge and the Family Research Council have an mp.3 file of Terri making noises, which seem to be in response to her father's promptings. The recording was made last year.

Right now both the FRC and Drudge sites are loading very slowly, probably due to the heavy traffic of everyone trying to download these large files. Because of that, I'm linking to an alternate download site here, until the traffic on FRC and Drudge lets up. The mp.3 I link to is the FRC version, which is higher in quality and clearer. Thanks to Austin's Blog for the alternate source.

Now, I am no speech expert or neurologist, but in my opinion:

A. Terri does seem to be responding to her father's promptings. The noises she makes seem to be in response to her father's statements. They do not seem random. IF they are truly responses to her father, no matter how inarticulate, Terri cannot be in a Persistent Vegetative State.

B. Based on my conversations with the neurologists I have interviewed, Terri's noises seem consistent with their descriptions of vocalizations. True vocalization cannot be reflexive because it involves several different commands involving several different brain centers, all of a higher order.

I have sent the audio file to the neurologists with whom I consult, and asked for their opinion. When I receive replies, I will post the results.