Monday, March 21, 2005

Congressional Source: Bobby Schindler Was "Very Persuasive"

I have developed a couple of sources in Congress of late, and one of them was in a meeting of about 15 Congressmen last night with Terri's brother, Bobby Schindler. He has been in Washington for the past week lobbying for legislative action to save Terri.

My source said that Bobby was "very persuasive" in his meeting with the legislators. As he laid out the details of Terri's case, several times audible gasps could be heard in the room as they heard of the string of injustices and errors which have led to the judicially-ordered starvation of an innocent woman.

I have no doubt about Bobby's persuasiveness: He's a sharp guy, and knows the issues in his sister's case backwards and forwards. He could stand his ground with just about anyone in a debate about Terri. And the fact is, he's a genuinely good man.

Not to mention, he has the truth on his side.