Friday, March 04, 2005

Fast For Terri!

Greg Popcak over over at the Heart, Mind and Strength Blog has a great idea!

Greg says, rightly, that we need a miracle to save Terri. So let's stand at the gates of heaven and ask for one:
In this season of Lent, a time of repentance in which we reflect on the generous suffering Christ endured for our sake, I suggest we do as St. Paul suggests (Col 1:24).  Let us "join our sufferings to the cross of Christ" and offer those sufferings for Terri's sake.

I propose that from today to March 18--and perhaps beyond--all those reading this who are physically able, participate in a fast for Terri.  Let us offer our hunger to God so that she might be spared of the hunger that will kill her.

As this is a Friday in Lent, when we are called to fast and abstinence, I can't think of a better day on which to start.

To paraphrase Our Lord, some victories can only be won through fasting and prayer.