Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New E-Report: A "Window" On The Faith & Culture

Deal Hudson was a thorn in the side of the Catholic Left during his tenure as publisher of Crisis magazine. With his new E-Report, called "The Window", he promises to continue to confound those who confuse their Liberalism with their Catholicism.

The inaugural issue of The Window is an analysis, in the wake of the '04 election, of "How the Catholic Left and Pro-Abortion Democrats Are Preparing for the 2006 and 2008 Elections." Make no mistake, those who would like to transform our Faith into something more closely resembling leftist ideology are wasting no time preparing for the next go round in the battle over Catholic witness in the Public Square.

Hudson, in this issue, offers a list of initiatives that "progressive" Catholic are undertaking even now. Among these initiatives are:
Overturn the Legacy of John Paul II — Left-wing Catholics and dissidents tell themselves that the papacy of John Paul II is a temporary set-back. They view the Catholic Church inevitably going "beyond" its dependence on the authority of bishops and the teaching of the Magisterium.
Hudson is spot-on here. Liberal Catholics have been saying for years that the pope is trying to "turn back the clock" to the pre-conciliar period, that he is "absolutist", etc., ad nauseam. Within a month after Pope John Paul II goes to his eternal reward, the NCReporter, America, and designated acceptable Catholics in the mainstream media, will be publishing articles calling for a more "flexible" Pope, who is more "in tune with contemporary society" (read: more accepting of contraception and homosexuality), who will "moderate" the Church's conservative turn under JPII. The articles are already sitting on their word-processors, waiting to go to press.
Leading Pro-Abortion Democrats Reach Out to Pro- Lifers — We have already heard messages along this line from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator John Kerry, and new DNC chairman Howard Dean.
Of course, this is a smokescreen, but in order to prove their sincerity, the Democrats will
Showcase a Pro-life Candidate — A February 16th poll was released showing that Pennsylvania State Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr., son of the late Governor, would beat Senator Rick Santorum by five percentage points.
Bob Casey will be the poster boy in the Democrats "We Don't Want To Kill Every Unborn Child" campaign. There are already a fair number of pro-life Democrats at the local and state levels. But they have no influence whatsover in setting the Party's agenda. The proof of the Dem's sincerity will be their willingness to entertain any meaningful restriction on the abortion license. I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. You shouldn't, either.

Build a Virtual Fence Around Parishes before Elections — We already saw this happen last year. Many parishes and some bishops constructively banned voters' guides which pulled no punches about the priority of life issues in Catholic teaching, such Catholic Answers "Voters' Guide For Serious Catholics". They will work all the more diligently in the next election cycle to see to it that the Catholic faithful continue to receive milk & water and pablum.

To subscribe to "The Window", you can send an e-mail to The Window at MorleyICC dot com .