Friday, March 04, 2005

Woman Deprived of Food & Water Joins Fight For Terri

Kate Adamson, who was in a "locked-in" state, and diagnosed as "a vegetable" by doctors, had her feeding tube removed for eight days and suffered from hunger and dehydration. Only through the persistent efforts of her husband did she receive treatment and eventually recover.

Adamson has now "joined the fight to save Terri Schindler Schiavo and hopes to visit the 41-year-old disabled Florida woman by mid-month."
Now, at 43, the mother of two is fully functional, except for some paralysis on the left side of her body. She tours the country to tell her story and speak about the sanctity of life. Adamson believes the campaign to defend Terri's life has a large impact on all of society.

"This is not just going to affect Terri, but a lot of Terris," she told CNA. "This (the outcome in Terri's case) will affect a lot people's lives."

"I pray that God will soften hearts to see the woman (Terri) lying there and see someone who deserves a chance at life, even if she doesn't respond the way we want her to respond," Adamson told CNA. "I'm praying the judge's heart will be softened."

"God is in the business of miracles. Everything hinges on him right now," she said.

Thank God for people like Kate Adamson, who, having "been there", can help us see beyond our utilitarian ideas of whose life is worthwhile!