Monday, August 23, 2004

What We Can Do For Terri

As I explain below, August 31st is going to be a momentous day in the fight to save Terri Schiavo's life, for two reasons:

Firstly, the Florida State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of Terri's Law.

Secondly, Judge George Greer, the "unjust judge" who has, seemingly, worked less hard to bring about Terri's death than only George Felos himself, is up for re-election that day. Thank God, he is being opposed by attorney Jan Govan.

As it happens, from today until August 31 is 9 days. Thus, we have a perfect spiritual opportunity.

I urge all of you to commit yourselves to making a Novena to Our Lady, Health of the Sick, as patroness of Terri and all those who are afflicted with disease or debility, and suffer the further indignity of neglect or maltreatment. The Feast of Our Lady, Health of the Sick, falls on the Saturday before the last Sunday in August. Thus it will fall this coming Saturday, August 28.

I would suggest the following intentions:

That the Florida Supreme Court would rule in favor of protecting the weak, innocent, and disabled from those who seek to end their lives.

That Jan Govan would prevail over Judge Greer in the upcoming election.

That Terri herself would be granted some degree of healing and recovery, and that she know of the love and support of all those praying for her.

That Judge Greer, George Felos, and Michael Schiavo would have their hearts softened, and that they embrace true mercy and compassion for Terri and all like her.

That our nation would turn from its infatuation with death as a solution to human problems.

Of course, if you have suitable additional intentions to add, please do so.

You might offer up a rosary every day for this novena, or even just a Hail Mary each day. You might attend daily Mass and offer your communion for these intentions. The important thing is to pray, pray, pray!

I will offer a Novena of Masses for these intentions starting today till the 31st, and a rosary daily.

Please join me in this spiritual offering. In Christ we can do all things and achieve all things!