Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Couple of Blugs

Firstly, I am overdue in acknowledging the dedication and yeoman work of Earl E. Appleby, contributor to the Catholic Kerry Watch blog, and author of Times Against Humanity. Earl is seemingly inexhaustible in his efforts on behalf of the innocent and defenseless, whether they be unborn, disabled, or in the final stages of life. Earl is also the motive force behind CURE, Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia, which also maintains a blog, Life Matters.

Earl is a passionate advocate for Catholic teaching on the dignity and inviolability of human life. He should be on your list of regular blogs. He is on mine.

I also want to direct your attention to Oswald Sobrino's always excellent blog, Catholic Analysis, and in particular this post, Pharaoh's Egypt or a New Israel?. He reflects on the thought of Jewish philosopher Leon Kass, in his book The Beginning of Wisdom [Free Press, 2003], and an article, "L'Chaim and Its Limits: Why Not Immortality?" from the May 2001 issue of First Things. In it he expands on Kass's parallel between modern American culture and that of ancient Egypt:
...We are certainly obsessed with avoiding any dangers. We allow the unborn to be killed at will, but mount severe campaigns against smoking. We are willing to create and kill human embryos--human life-- at will in the hope of defeating the natural process of human aging marked by chronic health problems and disease. People who have no problem with casual and promiscuous sexual intimacy assiduously shop at organic food stores. (So do very chaste and honorable people!)

Behind all of this concern with preserving our own lives lies the desire to freeze time...

Like the Egyptian Pharaohs of old, we seek to extend our pleasures and extend our lives, even if we do so at the cost of thousands or millions of innocent lives. And like the Pharaohs, our efforts will ultimately be futile. Their tombs are empty and dead, covered in desert sands.

What will cover the evidence of our self-indulgence and folly?