Monday, August 23, 2004

August 31st Could Be A Day Of Victory!

In addition to the Supreme Court arguments on Terri's Law being heard on that day, August 31st is also the day of Judicial Elections in Florida. And, as I mentioned in June, Judge George Greer is being opposed in this year's election! Local attorney Jan Govan is courageously opposing Judge Greer, and promises to stand up for the innocent and powerless.

Govan is fighting an uphill battle, and now it's crunch time. Contributions to Govan's campaign, with only 9 days till the election, total only $20,896.

Judge Greer, on the other hand, has a well funded campaign, with $153,589 in his war chest. He has plenty of support from local attorneys, who apparently are either equally allied with the Culture of Death, or cowed by his reputation for vindictiveness from the bench.

According to Florida Division of Elections records, even the legal firm representing the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, DiVito & Higham, has contributed to Judge Greer's re-election campaign. In addition to representing the Diocese, firm principal Joseph DiVito is also St. Petersburg Bishop Robert Lynch's personal attorney and close friend.

Show your support for Jan Govan! If you haven't made a contribution, please do so TODAY!

And say a prayer for Govan's victory. For his victory will be a victory for Life!