Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Nat Hentoff Once Again Proves: Great Minds Think Alike

Nat Hentoff is writing a series of columns about Terri Schiavo. His column yesterday on the media's Lies About Terri was reminiscent of something I had blogged about a week earlier.

Well, today, Nat focuses on the troubling evidence that Terri may have been put in her condition by her husband, Michael. He recalls last week's appearance on Greta van Susteren's show by Dr. Michael Baden. Among other things, Dr. Baden said:
"The trauma could be from an auto accident ... a fall ... or from some kind of beating that she obtained from somebody somewhere. It's something that should have been investigated in 1991 when these findings were found. ...

I'm glad that Hentoff is following up these issues. Writing, as he does, primarily for publications on the Left, he is getting the truth out to people who might otherwise read or hear only the half-truths propagated by the Media Machine.

But you, my loyal readers, knew about all this from my blog over a week ago...