Monday, November 10, 2003

NARAL Pro-Choice America

laments that the Partial Birth Abortion ban is the "first federal ban on safe abortion procedures."

Firstly, just a reminder: NARAL changed its name to "Pro-Choice America" a while back. NARAL stands for National Abortion Rights Action League. They're not in the business of "choice". They're in the business of killing unborn children.

Secondly, the law was rendered moot by black-robed acolytes of NARAL within an hour of it's going into effect, so the grisly procedure is, in fact, going on apace. Moloch must be fed!

Finally, "safe" for whom? It certainly isn't "safe" for the baby whose head is pierced by a scissors and has its brains sucked out, moments before it would have otherwise been delivered alive and viable.

I check out the NARAL site every once in a while just to see what they're up to. You should, too. Although I warn you, afterwards you'll feel like you need a shower in Holy Water.