Friday, October 12, 2007

How Can I Witness My Faith in the Workplace?

That's the question raised by one reader:

Father Rob,
I am an employer and suspect that some of my employees are "living together" and am concerned about their eternal future. Do you have any brochures on cohabitation that you could recommend? I was thinking of leaving them in our lobby and lunch room. Most of these folks are not Catholic and am thinking of a CD or small brochure. Thank you.

A Concerned Boss

I answer:

I would recommend, firstly, that you be very low-key about this. As an employer, you are in a position of authority, but that authority is circumscribed by the workplace. An employee could very easily react by saying "You're my boss at work, but my private life is none of your business" - and he would have a valid point.

That being said, I'd recommend two articles:

"Cohabitation Fails as a Test for Marriage", Homiletic & Pastoral Review, May 2000

"How Splitting Up Brought Them Together", National Catholic Register, March 17, 2001

I'd also recommend the pamphlet "Living Together and Christian Comittment", by James Healy, published by Rooted in Love ( However, this pamphlet is more specifically intended for couples who are engaged and seeking to marry in the Church.

I hope this helps.

Fr. Rob