Friday, October 12, 2007

Fr. Rob Is Off To Italy!

That's right, I leave for Italy next Monday!

I will be in Italy for 10 days, with 6 days in the Eternal City, and trips to Ravenna, Anagni, and more!

This is my first trip to Italy since 1997, when I studied Latin in Rome with the legendary Fr. Reginald Foster, in a special program for advanced Latin students. While there I made a promise to God that if I was ordained, I would go back to Rome and offer Mass at the tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul, and at St. Mary Major. So I am finally fulfilling that promise.

I received confirmation earlier this week that I will indeed be offering Masses at the Clementine altar of St. Peter's, and at the Praesepio (the crib) altar at St. Mary Major.

In addition to visiting all these great churches and praying a lot, I will be enjoying la dolce vita as well. I'll be visiting wineries near Ravenna (home of the famous "Barbarossa") and in Frascati, and hopefully in Montefiascone, home of the famous Est! Est! Est!.

After my Italian sojourn, I'll stop over for 6 days in England where I will tour Old Catholic Lancashire and see friends in Oxford.

I hope to do some tour-blogging while I'm over there. I'll be bringing the laptop and digital camera, so come back and check what I'm doing over there!