Friday, February 18, 2005

Next Monday Is Day of Decision For Terri:
An Update From Bob & Mary Schindler

I spoke to Bob and Mary Schindler last night, and they tell me they're "hanging in there". Needless to say, they are very frustrated by the obstinate refusal of the Florida appellate courts to even listen to arguments as to why they should protect Terri's life. As I wrote last week, the Florida Second District Court of Appeals, in a move almost certainly intended, as Bob Schindler described it, to "stop them dead in their tracks", issued a ruling against the Schindlers without handing down a written decision, and thereby precluded further appeals for Terri.

So Terri's fate comes down to next Monday afternoon. The Schindlers have a hearing before Judge Greer at 2:30 PM next Monday, in which they will ask him to extend the stay on removal of Terri's feeding tube while the other legal issues they have raised (which you can read about here) are still pending.

According to the Schindlers attorneys, if Judge Greer does the right thing, he ought to extend the stay. It would be absurd to allow Michael to kill Terri while other legal issues are still pending. But, as Bob said, the Schindlers have learned not to try to predict what Judge Greer will do, and have certainly learned not to trust Judge Greer to do the right thing.

They are grateful for all the prayers and support they have received, and ask for you to stay the course with them. Please keep praying, speaking out, and taking action. We can still rescue Terri from a terrible fate.

I'll have another post on some of the legal issues and challenges soon, when I have more time to write.