Friday, June 18, 2004

Make A Difference For Life!

I wrote yesterday that Jan Govan, a Pinellas County attorney, is running against Judge George Greer, whose questionable and sometimes simply unaccountable rulings have repeatedly threatened Terri Schiavo's life.

We can make a difference for life by supporting Mr. Govan in his bid to unseat Judge Greer. His campaign has a website, which gives instructions as to how you can contribute to support his campaign.

This is where the rubbber hits the road, people. Being pro-life is about putting tangible weight behind our convictions. I'm sending Mr. Govan a check for $100.00 today. I urge all of you to make a donation as well. The election is on August 31, NOT in November with the general election, so the time in which we can make a difference is short.

Act now! Pray, work, and give for the victory of Life!

(Thanks to Mark Windsor for finding Mr. Govan's site.)