Thursday, November 06, 2003

Small Victory For the Schindlers

At a hearing yesterday, Judge Greer ruled against Michael Schiavo's motion to dismiss the Schindler's petition to have Schiavo removed as guardian.

Some time ago (before the constitutional challenge to Terri's Law), Pat Anderson, attorney for the Schindlers', filed a petition in Judge Greer's court seeking to remove Michael as Terri's guardian. Deborah Bushnell, guardianship attorney for Michael, opposed the petition and asked Judge Greer to dismiss it out of hand, without a hearing.

Judge Greer denied Bushnell's motion for dismissal, and ruled that he will hear the Schindler's petition at a later date.

While this is admittedly a small, procedural, victory for the Schindlers, it is nonetheless important, as it means that the Schindlers will have the opportunity to challenge Michael's guardianship. Judge Greer could have dismissed it, on the grounds that the Schindlers have already sought to have Michael removed twice.

We need to keep praying, that the Schindlers may finally prevail in court.