Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Not A Great Man

St. Blog's resident deranged genius, Victor Lams, has composed a song which captures the self-absorbed persona of Michael Schiavo.

I haven't made up my mind whether anything in the Terri Schiavo case, even Michael's posturing, is ready for parody or satire yet. But if it is, then Victor has done it brilliantly in his song, "Not a Great Man". It's got a great Techno-Hiphop sort of groove to it. Some of the choicer lyrics are:

I never said that I was a great man,
I'm just an average man who'd like to make some plans;
And you're standing in the way of this average man,
who'd like to move on just as soon as he can...

I promised to love you faithfully,
before you became such a burden to me...

Sometimes art can express what prose only strains at conveying.