Friday, August 02, 2002

The Critics Weigh In

Greg Popcak and Woodene Bricker-Koening at the Heart, Mind, & Strength blog voice their objections to the issues raised by Mark Shea and myself yesterday concerning Zero Tolerance. Greg is nothing if not witty: he compares Mark and I to a "Scalia/Thomas tag team". Woodene asks "Do we keep priests around after they've abused someone until they do it a second time and then get rid of them because a second fall indicates they haven't been redeemed?"

Mark Shea answers them brilliantly, and reiterates the problem that Zero Tolerance is not a suitable instrument for balancing mercy and justice, because of its inflexibility.

Now that Mark has said it better than I could have hoped, I have to re-think what I am going to say, since he stole more than a little of my thunder. Not that I mind, of course...

I'll have to get back to the subject later: I have to go and do like, "priest stuff" now, and then I get to go to a birthday party!