Wednesday, July 31, 2002

New Acquaintances

One of the ways that the St. Blog's virtual "parish" is like a real parish is the wide variety of personalities (dare I say characters) within it. And like a real community, one finds oneself meeting new people from time to time, and being really impressed.

Two bloggers that I have recently discovered and really like are Gerard Serafin at Blog for Lovers and the Brothers Schultz at Catholic Light. Gerard seems to be an inexhauastible blogger, and his commentary on WYD was inspiring and excellent. Steve and John Schultz seem to comment mostly on liturgical or musical matters, and do so with great insight and wit. John' post on wedding preparation is very funny, and right on target.

Both have been on the web longer than I have, but they're new to me. So if you haven't yet, check them out!