Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Use of the Liturgical Tractor

I'd imagine that most of you liturgy-minded folks out there have never considered how the use of certain farm implements might complement the liturgy.

Well, back before I began my studies in liturgy here at The Liturgical Institute, I celebrated a wedding Mass for a couple of my parishioners at my little country parish. The groom, a farmer, had come up with a clever and entertaining way to make use of his tractor for the special day.

The Liturgical Tractor and its Accessory, the Liturgical Cattle Trailer
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After the Nuptial Mass, the bride and groom made their way to their conveyance:

Madame, Your Chariot Awaits...

OK, so the tractor wasn't actually used in the liturgy, but the phrase "Liturgical Tractor" does have a compelling kind of ring, doesn't it?

The Bridal Party on Its Way

If you can think of, or know of, any other liturgical uses for agricultural implementa, I'd love to hear about it!