Friday, October 16, 2009

So, Where Have I Been?

Sorry to have been away for so long. I've been meaning to get back to posting for a while, but have only been able to do now. I've received a number of e-mails over the last few weeks from people asking, "Where are you? And where have you been?" Well, I will answer the first question in my next post, but I'll answer the second question first.

The answer is that I've been busy! I had a busy summer: In late June I stepped down as pastor of St. Stanislaus in Dorr (why will be apparent in that next post), and spent the rest of the summer in residence at SS. John & Bernard parish in Benton Harbor. I also travelled quite a bit. I spent some time with my father in Texas. He was preparing to move from the "Hill Country" area of Texas (northwest of San Antonio), back to Wisconsin, where he lived before his retirement 7 years ago.

My Dad's House in Texas
(all photos may be viewed full-size by clicking on them)

My dad lived on a river, near a large lake, and it was really quite idyllic: lots of waterfowl, good fishing, and other wildlife. It was not at all uncommon to have deer grazing on the property, or have troops of wild turkeys around, etc. But it had become too much for him to keep up with, and the luster of the area had decreased in the last couple of years with the severe drought Texas has been experiencing. The river is reduced to a trickle, and is now unnavigable.

In the photo above, that large outcropping of rock in the foreground was completely submerged two years ago. You can see the river in the background, a tiny trickle of its former self. The effect of the drought is even more noticeable here:

The Effects of the Drought

The portion of my dad's boat launch ramp in the foreground would have been completely submerged as well. You see the dock on the right, now a high-and-dry dock. Across the "river" you can see the neighbor's dried-out boat ramp as well.

So I was down there to help my dad prepare for his move. I also visited some friends out East for a week or so.

But much of my time and energy was taken up by preparing for my big move. About that, in my next post...