Friday, September 05, 2008

Sorry to Have Been Away So Long...

But I've had a busy month of August!

August was indeed busy. I took a couple of short trips to visit friends. I also participated in the conference of the International Society for McIntyrean Philosophy, held at St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana.

At the conference I presented a paper, "The Subjectivized Liturgy and the Good Life". My paper used certain concepts Alasdair McIntyre elucidated in After Virtue to analyze the ideological nature of post-Vatican II "deformations" of the liturgy, and how those deformations interfere with the end of liturgy as the contemplation of God. I'm going to clean it up a bit and see about publishing it. I hope to have it available here soon.

I also went down to Florida for a week to visit my mother, and then drove back with her to Michigan, where she's now visiting me for a couple of weeks. We got to drive through tropical storm Fay, which was just loads of fun...

Anyway, I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

By the way, I realize I never got around to putting up the third in my series of homilies about the "static" that interferes with our proper participation in the liturgy. I promise I'll get that up in the next couple of days.