Friday, May 23, 2008

Re-building a Catholic Culture...

By restoring continuity with Tradition.

That, it seems to me, is what Pope Benedict's pontificate is all about.

Here at St. Stanislaus, one of the ways I'm trying to follow the pope's lead is in a program we started in our parish school last year, Liturgical Music.

In this program (which I am currently teaching) our children learn about the liturgy and learn the basic Catholic prayers, as well as the Ordinary of the Mass, in Latin. I also teach them Gregorian Chant as well as other Catholic sacred music, and we try to give them an exposure to some of the treasures of our rich tradition.

And the program is bearing fruit. You can hear that in the recording I posted last week of our children chanting the Gloria at a school Mass.

Here is another recording, this time of our fifth and sixth graders. I taught them the Regina Coeli, and this is them singing it at one of our Masses during the Easter season.

Regina Coeli

I am tremendously proud of our kids!