Friday, January 04, 2008

Fr. Rob Sings!

Sings the Roman Canon, to be exact. At the Midnight Mass for Christmas, I chanted Eucharistic Prayer I, otherwise known as the Roman Canon, in Latin. This is a step forward for me and my parish: I have used the Roman Canon in Latin several times before, but this is the first time I have chanted it. The source I used was the "Ordo Missae in Cantu" published by Solesmes.

I find the Latin text more "singable" than the English. The Latin "flows" very naturally when chanted. Though I have a M.A. in Classics, I still find my tongue tripping over the occasional Latin word. This is much less of a problem when the prayer is sung.

[Update: I have received some e-mails saying that the audio link here, or in other posts, "aren't working." The link does work, but it appears that my file hosting service is a little slow. What you may need to do is, once you've clicked the "play" button and the stream starts, click it again to pause the playback, then wait about 30 seconds, then click play again, at which point the stream should have caught up and you can listen to the file. Either that, or drag the slider back to the beginning. Sorry about that - it looks like I need to find a different hosting service.]

[Update 2: I've switched to the "Blogcastone" streaming mp3 player, and I'm getting better results with that. Apparently the "Odeo" player I was using is a big kludge. Happy listening!]

Roman Canon

Warning to those of you you who know the Latin of the Mass fairly well: I slipped into using the Classical pronunication a couple of times. I first learned Latin with the Classical pronunication, and old habits die very hard indeed...

A very "high" liturgical celebration we had here. Here's to a joyful New Year for us all!