Friday, July 13, 2007

University of Florida: Yes! to Death

The University of Florida my be the first institution, following his release from prison, to provide Jack ("Dr. Death") Kevorkian with a forum to disseminate his belief that more of the sick and elderly just need to die.

Kevorkian accepted an offer to speak at the university on October 1. He will be paid $50,000.

When Larry King interviewed him, he said that he felt "it was important to speak to young people in high school and college about these issues."

And given a forum by the State of Florida, too...

If you are old, sick, disabled, or imagine you ever could be any of those things, I think you should seriously start considering leaving Florida, soon.

The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation is sponsoring an online petition asking the University to rescind the invitation.

From the Petition:
This invitation is an affront to everyone who stands for the value and the dignity of every human life. Dr. Kevorkian is determined to instill the future leaders of our nation with his twisted ethics of euthanasia. We need everyone to join us in telling the President of the University of Florida that it is unacceptable to invite Jack Kevorkian to spread his message of death and violence on the campus.

In another, saner age, a man like Kevorkian would have been treated as the monster and pariah he is.

In our age, he's given television interviews and University speaking appointments.