Friday, December 15, 2006

Liturgy Alert - Gaudete Sunday!

This Sunday, the Third Sunday of Lent, is Gaudete Sunday. This Sunday gets its name from the Latin word for "Rejoice!", which figures prominently in the Introit for the Mass:

Gaudete in Domino semper, iterum dico, gaudete!

Rejoice in the Lord always, I say again, Rejoice!

This is a quote from St. Paul's Letter to the Phillipians, chapter 4, which is also the second reading for the Mass.

The proper chants for this Mass speak of and, it seems to me, embody the joyful expectation we have in this season of preparation for the Lord's coming. The communion antiphon says "Take courage, you who are fainthearted, and do not fear: behold, our God will come and He wil save us".

Rejoice! Take heart! Our salvation is at hand! That's what this Sunday is all about.

Once again, here at St. Stanislaus, we will be blessed to have with us our Gregorian Chant Schola-in-Residence, the Schola of the Chair of St. Peter, at our 11:00 AM Mass. I introduced the Schola in my post for All Souls Day. They will sing the Gregorian propers for this Sunday, and we will use the Ordinary of Mass XVIII. And, for the first time at a Sunday Mass here in at least 25 years, I will be using the Roman Canon in Latin.

One of the signs of the special joy of this day is that the priest may wear rose colored vestments, one of the two occasions during the church year where this may be done. Here's a photo of me (at my previous parish) wearing my rose vestments:

I will, of course, be making use of them this Sunday.

If you can, please join us! And if St. Stanislaus parish is too far away for you to come here, please join with us in spirit as we offer this sacrifice of praise to the Father.