Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's Good To Be The Pastor, Part IV

Today is one of those beautiful late spring mornings: The sun is shining, it's cool and clear, I can hear the birds in the trees,and there's no sound of mowers or other power equipment to mar the calm of the day. Indeed, the only sound other than the birds is coming from the church, which I have opened up to air out: one of my parishioners is a Master's student in piano at the University of Illinois, home on break. She's in the church right now playing a Beethoven piano sonata, and the music is wafting across the driveway into my house. It's downright idyllic.

And I'm glad for an idyllic morning today, because I've been absolutely buried, chin deep in work since I came back from Nebraska last month (more about that later). Between First Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, etc. (remember that since I have a mission parish, everything is doubled), I've been swamped. Oh, and did I mention that my organist quit just before Ash Wednesday, and so I've been acting as my own Music Director since then? I've been able to arrange for substitutes and other stopgaps, but only with constant effort. However, that situation is well in hand - I've been interviewing candidates for the last two weeks, and I'm close to hiring someone. And thank God! I'll be glad to be able to turn that over to someone I can rely on.

Friday was the last day of school here. So now there really is quiet outside. No sound of kids playing games in PE, or during recess. If we didn't have a school at my parish, I think it my get just a little too quiet out here too often. I'm glad of having the summer break (and having been a teacher, I know they're glad of it too), but I'm even more glad that I have a school here at St. Stanislaus.

So, now that things have settled down a little bit, I'm planning on doing some blogging again. There's quite a bit of pent-up ideas I've been wanting to blog about. Sorry to have been away so long, but now I can give some time and attention not only to blogging, but some other writing projects I have in mind.