Friday, February 03, 2006

Fr. Rob Down On The Farm (or the Ranch)

I was on vacation recently, and spent some time with my Dad down in Texas. When my Dad retired, he bought some property in the Texas "Hill Country", northwest of San Antonio.

He's got a fair bit of land, right on the Medina River close to where it enters Lake Medina. It's beautiful country, in its own stark way.

When I go to see him, I usually get roped into some project(s) of his, and this trip was no different. He's gotten into the ranch mode in a big way, including purchasing a pretty substantial tractor for the work he wants to do on the land. This is no glorified lawn tractor, it's a diesel-powered hydraulic transmission serious farm implement, only one step down from a full sized farm tractor.

So we spent a day hauling stuff and clearing brush, and pulling stumps with it. Most of the time he rode the tractor while I did the grunt work. Here's a picture of my Dad on the tractor:

But he did let me use the tractor now and then:

Heck of a vacation, eh? We did do some fun stuff, though. But we couldn't go fishing, as the river level was so low it stranded my dad's boat ramp and pier completely out of the water. Maybe next time.