Saturday, April 16, 2005

As I'm Sure Most of You Know by Now...

Mae Magouirk is in the hospital, receiving re-hydration therapy and treatment for her heart condition.

I spoke to Ken Mullinax, Mae's nephew, on the phone yesterday, and he's very grateful for the outpouring of support and assistance from pro-life bloggers and our readers.

Ken's mother and uncle, who are Mae's sister and brother, are now being allowed to visit Mae, and obviously they are very grateful for that. Mae is recuperating, is lucid, and able to speak in complete sentences. Ken hopes to arrange some sort of joint guardianship for Mae, as he believes that Beth Gaddy and her brother, who are Mae's grandchildren, have shown themselves unfit to retain sole guardianship. He is also concerned that they are not disinterested parties, as they are the beneficiaries of Mae's will.

Keeping checking Blogs For Terri for further updates.