Monday, October 18, 2004

The Australian Bishops Get It

At least when it comes to our duty to provide food and water to people with brain damage or PVS.

Last month, the Australian Bishops' Conference issued a "Briefing Note on the Obligation to Provide Nutrition and Hydration" to PVS patients. The document is clear and concise, and takes as its starting point the Pope's "Address To the International Congress on the Vegetative State" last March.

Some American Catholic bioethicists, such as Fr. John Tuohey, couldn't seem to recognize the Pope's teaching for what it was: the exercise of the ordinary magisterium. I took Fr. Tuohey to task for this, among other things, back in July.

I'm glad to see some clerics understand the teaching of the Church on this issue, even if we have to go halfway around the world to find them.

You can also download the Australian bishops statement here as a handy PDF document, which is formatted as a pamphlet.

Kudos to the Bishops of Oz!