Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Federal Marriage Amendment Failing

Both ABC News' Nightline and FoxNews are reporting that the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would effectively ban same-sex marriage throughout the country, is about to die in the Senate for lack of the 60 votes needed to go forward.

In spite of a deluge of e-mails and phone calls in the last few days, apparently too few Senators, even those who oppose same-sex marriage, are willing to get off the dime to put a stop to the gay activists' assault on the family.

Of course, one of the more shameful aspects of this situation is the fact that some of the most outspoken and energetic supporters of gay marriage are - you guessed it - Catholics - or at least so they would call themselves.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is a leading Catholic-In-Name-Only politician, who is also noteworthy for his service at the Democratic Party's altar of Abortion. He attacked the Republican conspiracy to make those defending "the love that dare not speak its name" be honest about where they stand:
"They want to put senators on the spot. Ads will be running. Trust me," said Durbin, who added that the Republicans were trying to "change the subject" of the election away from the war in Iraq and the economy.

Indeed, Senator! How dare those evil Republicans try to call people's attention to your ideological compatriots' efforts to reshape the very foundation of human society!

I'm sure the Senator will be grateful for the chance to skulk back into the shadows now that the Amendment is all-but-dead.

Of course, if the 15 Catholic senators opposing the protection of marriage actually were doing their duty both as Catholics and good legislators, their votes would probably put the Amendment "over the top" and ensure the measure's progress. Mark Windsor has posted a list of these senators over at Vociferous Yawpings, as well as a sample letter for you to use as a model for your own letters to these pols. Perhaps letters from Catholic constituents will move them in a way that their apparently malformed and atrophied consciences have not.

One interesting statistic mentioned on the Nightline program is that only 28% of Americans surveyed think gay marriage is an "important" issue. But of those people, 20% say that a candidate's opposition to gay marriage is essential for them to vote for him, while only 8% say that a candidate's support for gay marriage is essential for them to vote for him. The lopsidedness of those statistics, I think, is evidence that the opposition to gay marriage is very wide and deep.

But why are seemingly so few people sufficiently concerned about the issue? One possible reason is that issues like terrorism and the war are front and center in their minds.

But another possible reason is this: Gay marriage is, like so many other liberal initiatives over the past 30 years, largely being foisted upon us through the agency of activist courts and judges, rather than by any actual democratic deliberative process. I think many people, seeing our black-robed masters once again exercise their judicial diktat, are simply giving up on "the process". I have heard a number of people express an attitude of resignation about this. They see themselves as powerless to stop the onslaught, and given the history of the last few decades, such an attitude is not entirely irrational.

But despair and apathy are never counsels for the Christian. So write, speak out, and pray!