Friday, May 14, 2004

The Visit of HRE Marcus I to St. Joseph

A Photo Memoir

Last week, my humble parish of St. Joseph, in St. Joseph, Michigan, was graced by a visit from His Plenipotentiary Excellence, The Holy Roman Emperor Marcus Sheavius I. We were particularly blessed in that he deigned to spend two days with us, and give two talks to the faithful. He edified us with his thoughts on the Eucharist on one night, and his thoughts on the Blessed Virgin on the second. In between his talks, we enjoyed the local scenery, some fine meals, and quaffing various heady potations.

This is His Excellence in front of the Royal Bulk Freighter, "Alpena", which brought him to our fair burg, on the
lovely Southeastern shore of Lake Michigan.

This is His Excellence whilst giving his talk on the Blessed Mother,
"An Evangelical Discovers Mary".

While he was with us, I had the privilege of offering a
private Mass for His Excellence.

In touring these dominions, His Excellence was shown the wide vistas from the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan.

Here His Excellence surveys the beach adjacent to our famous pier and lighthouse, which has from time to time
graced our nation's postage stamps.

We also made a trip to Notre Dame University, and had lunch with the bright and fun folks from The Shrine of the Holy Whapping. Here we are in front of "Touchdown Jesus" on campus.

Here are His Excellence and I, at the Grotto of Notre Dame.

Upon our return to St. Joseph, His Excellence inspected (and lounged against) the Eleven-inch Dahlgren guns which overlook the bluff, waiting in readiness to repel any miscreants or Canadians who might dare attack our shores.

His Excellence was a boon companion throughout his visit, and spread much cheer and mirth wherever he went. He also confuted many heresies and errors in his talks, both comforting those who love True Doctrine, and confounding those who would try to tickle our ears with false teaching. He is a blessing to all whom he touches with his presence.