Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I'm Going To Be Scarce For The Next Day or Two...

As I have deadlines for a couple of articles I've committed to write (I'm actually past deadline on one of them...). And that's, of course, on top of my parish responsibilities, which are temporarily a little heavier as my pastor is on vacation.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of things for you to chew over...

Help a Future Seminarian

Steve Schultz, formerly of Catholic Light, has been accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Congratulations, Steve, and may the good work God has begun in you find fulfillment!

He could use your prayers, as well as a little help in finding a good home for his cats. Not being a cat lover myself (I'm more of a dog person), I'm not really suitable to help in that respect. But maybe someone out there is looking for a little bundle of fur?


I'm starting a Gregorian Chant schola here at my parish, and we had our first rehearsal last night. Eight people showed up, all eager to learn and give glory to God. So I taught them a little bit about reading chant notation: some of the basic notes (called neums) and basic chant rhythm. Then we started learning the Kyrie Orbis Factor (B), which is one of the more commonly sung settings. They did a pretty good job, and next week I'll teach them a little more, and hopefully we'll have a few more people join up along the way. My goal is to have them sing for the first time at some of the liturgies for the Feast of the Assumption, and so fittingly honor Our Lady. Next week I'll start teaching them the Communio from the Vigil Mass for the Assumption, Beata Viscera. Wish us luck and say a prayer for the success of our Schola!