Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Have I Ever Mentioned...

What a good blog Catholic Light is? They've recently moved to a new server, so update your bookmarks!

Today there are two good posts, one by Sal Ravilla on how the "big tent" of the Democrats has become the "big brothel."

Canonist Pete Vere weighs in with an excellent post on the root cause of many, if most annulments: pre-marital sex. I can confirm the truth of Pete's assertion: My own experience in dealing with people seeking annulments is that in most cases the problems which led to the marriage's failure were apparent from the courtship. But the couple, blinded by the false feelings created by pre-marital sexual intimacy, was unwilling or unable to see those problems at the time. Many such people have said to me that they learned the hard way the truth of the Church's about sexuality. That's paying a very high price for knowledge.