Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Prophecy and Fulfillment?

Brian Saint-Paul's article in Crisis Magazine, which I blogged on last Friday, is now up and available on line. Read it!

In related news, a while back, you may recall, Mark Shea generously attributed to me the virtue of sagacity. Now, Stephen Hand over at TCRNews has recognized in me, in my own small way, the gift of prophecy.

In an e-mail to me over the weekend he pointed me in the direction of Diocese Report's newest headline. Last Friday I concluded my blog by commenting on the conspiracy theory being cooked up by Rose and his supporters to explain the criticisms of Goodbye! Good Men coming from orthodox Catholic quarters.

Stephen wrote, quoting from my blog and then from Diocese Report:

> Prophecy: "I suppose they’ll have to add Crisis to the conspiracy now.
> A “grand conspiracy” certainly will make for sensational reading, and it has
> the added benefit of preserving the putative victim(s) of that conspiracy
> from self-examination."

> Fulfillment: "Circling The Wagons: Crisis Joins Witch Hunt of Michael S.
> Rose... Developing.." ----Diocese Report. PM, 8/30/02

It's too bad the Diocese Report's site has been updated since the weekend. The "Witch Hunt" headline was really impressive at the top of the page in 36-point type.