Tuesday, June 18, 2002

At last, The Real Truth behind The Situation

I am what you might call a talk radio "junkie". I'm sure this is a fault, but sometimes I can't help myself. But occasionally facts and information come to light on talk radio that don't get revealed anywhere else, such as the real, sinister truth about The Situation.

And what's the real story, you may ask? Well, according to one caller yesterday on WLS Radio Chicago, the CIA is behind the clergy abuse crisis! Yes, that's right, the CIA engineered the whole thing as part of their MK Ultra project! This project was the CIA's attempt at developing mind-control technology, and goes back all the way to the '50's. This shouldn't surprise anyone, he said. After all, it's well known that Cardinal Cushing was on the CIA payroll for years.

At last, the real truth is out! It's all part of the grand conspiracy by the CIA, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations to control our society and institute a one-world government. He didn't go into how the Queen of England is involved in this, but I'm sure he'll fill us in on that detail once he uncovers the connection.