Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our 9-11, and Another 9-11

Of course, today is the infamous day when Muslim terrorists, in a cowardly act of mass murder, killed over 3,000 innocent civilians in the World Trade Center. May God have mercy on the twisted and perverted souls of those who committed these acts, and on all who would seek to imitate them.

But the half-life of such evil is relatively short, as it always is. There was another time when it seemed that the Islamic imperialists had a knife to the West's throat.

In 1683, the Muslim armies had been advancing across Europe, and had besieged Vienna for months. It seemed that Vienna was bound to fall. But then King Jan III Sobieski of Poland led his army of over 80,000 men to the relief of Vienna, and drove off the besieging army, effectively ending the Muslim advance.

The Battle of Vienna

September 11, 1683 happened because Christian Europe was willing to rise up and defend itself. September 11, 2001 happened because America let down its guard and preferred to deny reality. Let us never forget that terrible lesson.