Monday, February 11, 2008

Susan Estrich: If Obama Loses, It's Because of Racism
No one doubts, or at least no one who is honest does, that both racism and sexism come into play as people decide between Clinton and Obama, but could it be that people are more willing to admit that they won’t vote for the woman than that they won’t vote for the black?

Of course, the failure of many to completely embrace Obama's wonderfulness must be the result of racism. It can't possibly be because of his regrettable lack of substance, and the fact that what little substance he does have consists of derivative warmed-over repackagings of the same left-wing nostrums the Dems have been serving up for 40 years? It can't be because his campaign, which is more about him than any set of ideas or positions, is taking on the disturbingly creepy appearance of a personality cult?

Nahh... we're just all nasty racists.

(H/T: Mark Shea)